Enabling inspired and successful Pharmacy to support better health outcomes

The Canterbury Community Pharmacy Group's vision is Excellent Pharmacy Healthcare and we aim to achieve this by leading Canterbury Community Pharmacies in the pursuit of excellent healthcare for our communities.

CCPG wants to ensure pharmacists are core, valued members of the primary care team of health professionals and able to deliver an enhanced range of evidence-based health services to improve patient outcomes.

CCPG began in 2008 and was incorporated in January 2009. Since then CCPG has made great progress in strategically positioning community pharmacy as an integral part of the primary health care team in Canterbury. As a partner of the Canterbury Clinical Network, CCPG is now acknowledged, accepted and engaged at all levels in the planning and development of new health care services for our patients and communities.

The Canterbury District Health Board is a 'lead' DHB and using ‘demonstration’ status in several areas to be more flexible when trialing innovative programmes to maximise health outcomes. The Medication Management Service and Pharmacy Services projects are two examples of this.

Our Objectives
  • Recognition of community pharmacists as Medicines experts and partners in primary health care teams.
  • Pharmacy owners having strong, robust and profitable businesses.
  • Patients/whanau having better access to and increased connectedness with pharmacists.
  • Increasing the range of health services that exercise cognitive skills through evidence based/informed health service innovation.
  • Improving quality of health services.