Medication Management Service

The Medication Management Service (MMS) provides people most at risk of medicines-related harm, with intensive pharmacist care on a one-off basis. It encompasses both:

Medicines Use Review (MUR) – Pharmacist help for people to better understand and self-manage their medicines

Medicines Therapy Assessment (MTA) – Pharmacist and general practitioner collaboration, to optimise the patient's medications in line with their goals of care  

The service is free to patients who are eligible for New Zealand public health care and who live in the Canterbury Region. The service provides support to:


  • improve patient understanding and self-management of medications
  • optimise medication use and identify barriers to adherence
  • reduce the risk of medication harm
  • reduce medication wastage
  • reduce avoidable use of other services e.g., medication oversight provided by home support workers
  • confirm the patient's goals of care, and clinically review the patient's prescribed medication regimen (MTA only)  

Collaboration between pharmacy practices, general practice teams and other healthcare providers is an integral element to MMS.

The Medication Management Service was launched in 2011 and includes the provision of a mobile MMS pharmacist service to compliment and support the development of community pharmacy MMS across the Canterbury region.

  • MMS Service Expectations

  • MMS Operations Manual

  • MMS Patient Brochure

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