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A Piece of History: Pharmacy in the 1940s
13 April 2018

A Piece of History: Pharmacy in the 1940s

This week in the CCPG office we were all treated to a piece of pharmacy history. A colleague who works for Pegasus shared with us a wages and rate book from a New Zealand pharmacy during the 1940s. 


The book starts with a sign of its time, discussing the wage scale for apprentice pharmacists in Shillings followed by an explanation that the wage scale "should go far to encourage young men to take up the profession". Luckily pharmacy today is a lot more diverse!

Individual pharmacists are listed with the dates and times they worked and the wages they were paid. You can see that the apprentices are between 16 and 18 years old and earning around  £1.50 a week after tax, that's the equivalent of about $140 a week in todays currency.

We've come a long way in how we train and recruit our pharmacists, and technology has given us new ways of managing our records to make it quicker and easier.

Special thanks to Roger Hill for sharing this with us and for allowing us to publish these pictures.


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