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Pasifika "Tuaa Sinasina" Wellness Day
30 April 2018

Pasifika "Tuaa Sinasina" Wellness Day

Last week Kathryn Snook from CCPG and Kezia Buttle of Linwood Community Pharmacy represented community pharmacy by giving an engaging presentation at the Pasifica "Tuaa Sinasina" Wellness Day. It was a fantastic opportunity to engage with the local community and learn more about the Pasifika Communities here in Canterbury.


The event was attended by representatives of a wide range of communities including those from Samoa, Tongan, Cook Islands, Fiji and Niue.

Kathryn and Kezia shared with the group how pharmacists can help people to better understand and manage their medicines and that their pharmacist is part of a wider healthcare team supporting them.


There was then a general discussion which revealed that many do not understand that the role of the pharmacists extends beyond pill counting, and that there are ongoing challenges with language and communication which often acts as a barrier to people fully understanding their medicines.


The discussions set the scene for more open communication and soon there were exchanges of business cards and names taking place. With this dialogue comes new opportunities to work with Pasifika communities to enable pharmacists to better understand the barriers and how they can support a better understanding of medications.


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