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CCPG to build confidence around pharmacy in Māori
03 December 2018

CCPG to build confidence around pharmacy in Māori

The Canterbury Community Pharmacy Group is excited to announce Brendon McIntosh as the new mobile Māori liaison pharmacist. 

McIntosh, who also works as the Kia Kaha Chemist, will work with pharmacists and Māori patients to ensure their needs are being met. 

“I’ll now be educating and helping community pharmacy to engage with Māori,” says Brendon. 

As part of the initiative, Brendon will offer a ‘cheat sheet’ to pharmacists, which will be both culturally and pharmacy specific. 

“I hope this resource is something a pharmacist can pull out at any time, to build understanding and awareness of treating Māori patients. It also includes common greetings.” 

“It is stuff that is already out there, but it’s about making it pharmacy specific and outlining how to approach a Medicine Use Review from a Māori perspective.” 

Brendon says he will work to encourage pharmacists to consider patient’s Tūrangawaewae 

(someone’s place of belonging), as well as whether family supports are in place and how connected they are with the Māori world. 

“It’s about getting them to open up.” 

Brendon is working to gather stories from Māori health providers on their experiences with pharmacists. He will work to feed these experiences back to pharmacists, to create better  health outcomes in the future. 

“At the end of the three-month contract, I would hope that community pharmacists are more confident serving Māori patients. Māori community in turn have more confidence in Pharmacy and are aware of what a Pharmacist can do for them." 

“That would be a good three months.” 

Brendon McIntosh will start his three-month contract with the group, in a role that will require him to work 12 hours each week. 

He will continue to visit various local marāe undertaking Medicine Use Reviews. 

To contact Brendon, phone 021523336. 


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