HealthOne enables pharmacists and other authorised clinicians to view patient information that is shared between multiple healthcare providers, including test results, allergies, prescribed and dispensed medications together with hospital information.

The aim of the system is to provide a limited ‘window’ of relevant, up to date patient information from each party involved to enable better decision-making and improve the quality of care and outcomes for the patient.

The organisational partners in the HealthOne system are: Canterbury District Health Board, Pegasus Health (who also represent CCPG and Nurse Maude) and Orion Healthcare Limited. The clinical partners will be the contributing General Practitioners, Community Pharmacists, Nurse Maude clinicians and Hospital clinical clinicians.

The project was initiated after the February quake when the need was identified to develop a robust system that would enable secure access to a patient’s essential health information. HealthOne will make that information available to the key providers of an individual’s healthcare.

In the case of pharmacies, a recent history of medications dispensed to a patient will be available for other clinicians to view. In turn, authorised pharmacy staff will be able to view data provided by CDHB – this will include discharge summaries of recent hospital admissions and emergency department visits; list outpatient appointments and medications prescribed.

There are a number of protections built in to manage the privacy of information. Patients will have the option to “opt off” the system through a single phone call or by speaking to their HealthCare provider. Information about HealthOne has been made widely available and includes a website -


HealthOne assistance

03 353 9990 

HealthOne has launched a brand new user interface that will present health data in a patient centric way and be even more user friendly and intuitive to use.

The new look design follows extensive feedback across several months from a range of different HealthOne users; from General Practice and ED clinicians to Community Care Nursing and Community and Mobile Pharmacy. In collaboration with these users, together with input from multiple advisory and stakeholder groups including consumers, HealthOne has been re-built to provide clinicians with a more patient centric summary of key patient information.

Many thanks to all those Pharmacists that have taken part - your input has been invaluable!

The new design also supports future development as the data available within HealthOne grows to include information from multiple health providers including the private hospitals, the emergency services, community and homecare services and the rest of the South Island regional GPs and Pharmacy.

Check out the HCS help pages for more info when accessing HealthOne, contact the Service desk or send us feedback via the onscreen link provided when logged into HCS/HealthOne.