Smoking Cessation


Pharmacist provision of subsidised NRT

  • From 1 October 2017, New Zealand Pharmacists are able to authorise the subsidy of funded NRT. Details of this service can be found on this link: Click here
  • There are small changes from the previous ABC contract with the CDHB, which include:

        1) The Prescriber code now requires the pharmacist name who is approving the subsidy of the NRT, as opposed to the 77777.    .

            (Technicians can still provide smoking cessation consultations, provided the pharmacist authorises the subsidy of  the NRT.)

        2) Two repeats may now be added on to each the NRT prescription.

        3) Whilst it is up to the pharmacist discretion how many NRT prescriptions are written, it is recommended that referrals                           to    a       smoking cessation service should be considered at every opportunity. 

Brief Intervention Training

  • Whilst pharmacists are able to supply funded NRT without additional training, it would be beneficial for all staff involved in giving advice about smoking cessation to complete the learn online 'Helping people stop smoking' course. Click here

How do I prescribe Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)?

  • Follow the instructions on the Click here

What record of NRT prescription do I need to keep?

  •   Pharmacists will need to document the patient information for each NRT prescription. This can be done by a signed prescription copy or by the quitcard in accordance with Pharmac processes. Click here

Specialised Smoking Cessation Service in Canterbury

Click here to see visit Te Ha Waitaha website.


Contact us to order Quitcards. Pharmacies can also order smoking cessation resources free of charge from the CDHB Community and Public Health website. Click here